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Table of contents
1 Entity Description
2 Keyvalues

Entity Description

Энтитя отвечающая за правильные отражения на карте,более подробно в статье. An env_cubemap specifies the place that pictures will be taken to form a local cubemap. You can specify a specific face for the env_cubemap to apply to, but the general rule still applys that all faces will use the closest cubemap. For more detail read up on cubemaps themselves for advice on how, when, and where to use them.
 Note: This type of entity is only handled during vbsp compiling, and cannot be created or modified during runtime


Literal Value Description
0 Game default (usually 128x)
1 1x1
2 2x2
3 4x4
4 8x8
5 16x16
6 32x32
7 64x64
8 128x128
9 256x256
(Optional) Brushes face indices to directly attach to the env_cubemap.
Application in Hammer:
Press Pick then click on faces in the 3D View to select them.
Use CTRL while clicking to add or remove from the selection.

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