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1 Entity Description
2 Keyvalues
3 Inputs
4 Outputs

Entity Description

An entity that monitors the material of the surface the player is standing on, and fires outputs whenever it changes to/from a specific material.


<target_source> The name that other entities refer to this entity by.
<integer readonly> This id is used for debugging purposes in Hammer.
The material to watch. When the player stands on/off this material, this entity's outputs will be fired.
Literal value Description
0 None (player's in the air)
67 Concrete
77 Metal
68 Dirt
86 Vent
71 Grate
84 Tile
83 Slosh
87 Wood
80 Computer
89 Glass
70 Flesh
73 Clip
79 Foliage
78 Sand


Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and all its children from the world.
Evaluates a keyvalue/output on this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
Format: <key> <value>
Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire (-1 == infinite)>
Causes this entity's OnUser1-4 outputs to be fired. See User Inputs and Outputs.
Start watching the player's surface.
Stop watching the player's surface.


Fired in response to FireUser1-4 inputs. See User Inputs and Outputs. !activator = activator
Fired when the player moves onto the specified game material.
Fired when the player moves off the specified game material.

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