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Table of contents
1 Entity Description
2 Keyvalues
3 Inputs
4 Outputs

Entity Description

Brush-built model that fades out over a specified distance. Useful for creating world detail that doesn't need to be drawn far away, for performance reasons.

 Note: The overhead required by this entity is substantial. Use it only for special effects or when fading very dense geometery, and one could then argue, shouldn't that better be a model?
 Note: The fading is not always consistent; brushes may suddenly "pop" into view depending on where the player is looking. This happens because of a hardware issues with rendering translucent materials. Low-end cards will fade nearer than the distance specified, and smaller objects fade nearer than a larger object with the same fade distance.


<target_source> The name that other entities refer to this entity by.
Literal Value Description
0 Normal
1 Slow Pulse
2 Fast Pulse
3 Slow Wide Pulse
4 Fast Wide Pulse
5 Slow Fade Away
6 Fast Fade Away
7 Slow Become Solid
8 Fast Become Solid
9 Slow Strobe
10 Fast Strobe
11 Faster Strobe
12 Slow Flicker
13 Fast Flicker
14 Constant Glow
15 Distort
16 Hologram (Distort + fade)
17 Scale up
22 Spotlight FX
23 Cull By Distance (TEST)
24 Fade Wider Pulse
<choices> Used to set a non-standard rendering mode on this entity. See also 'FX Amount' and 'FX Color'.
Literal Value Render Mode Description (Click for more info.)
0 Normal Default rendering.
1 Color Obsolete.
2 Texture Plain opacity.
3 Glow No Z buffer checks. Fixed size on screen.
4 Solid / Alphatest Obsolete. (Use alphatest capabilities in materials instead.)
5 Additive Obsolete. Add this entity's color to what's behind it.
7 Additive Fractional Frame Obsolete? Blend between animation frames.
8 Alpha Add (Not in FGD.) TODO: Write description.
9 World Space Glow No Z buffer checks. Fixed size in world (as opposed to on screen).
10 Dont Render / None Don't render.
<integer> FX Amount (0 - 255) - How opaque the entity will be rendered. (0 is fully transparent, while 255 is fully opaque). Will not work if the rendermode keyvalue is set to Normal or Dont Render.
<color255> FX Color - What color the entity will be rendered in (to the degree of the opacity set with renderamt).
<float> The minimum level of ambient light that hits this brush.
<integer> Distance at which these brushes should fade out.
<choices> Set whether or not these brushes should collide with other entities.
Literal Value Description
0 Solid
1 Nonsolid


Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and all its children from the world.
Evaluates a keyvalue/output on this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
Format: <key> <value>
Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire (-1 == infinite)>
Causes this entity's OnUser1-4 outputs to be fired. See User Inputs and Outputs.
Set the rendercolor.
Set the renderamt.


Fired in response to FireUser1-4 inputs. See User Inputs and Outputs. !activator = activator

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