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1 Entity Description
2 Keyvalues
3 Inputs
4 Outputs

Entity Description

Also known as logic_choreographed_scene, this entity manages a choreographed scene of one or more actors.


<target_source> The name that other entities refer to this entity by.
<scene> The VCD scene file to use.
<target_destination> Use these keyvalues to specify the resolution of Actor or Event Target names that are using a !Target# name in the VCD.
<boolean> Wait for the actor to finish?


Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and all its children from the world.
Evaluates a keyvalue/output on this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
Format: <key> <value>
Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire (-1 == infinite)>
Causes this entity's OnUser1-4 outputs to be fired. See User Inputs and Outputs.
Starts playback of the scene file
Pauses playback of the scene file
Resumes playback of the scene if it has been paused
Cancels playback of the scene
Finds an actor who can respond to the specified concept string while the scene continues playing
Stop waiting on an actor to stop talking.


Fired in response to FireUser1-4 inputs. See User Inputs and Outputs. !activator = activator
The scene has started
The scene has completed
The scene has been canceled
Scene trigger 1-8

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