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Entity Description

This entity marks the origin of the map for the 3D Skybox. As your position changes relative to the maps origin it will be scaled and applied relative to the sky_camera.


<angle> This entity's angular orientation in the world (also used for angular effect entities).
<float> This number determines how large objects in your skybox will seem relative to the map. Take a skybox scale of 16, an object 1 unit high in the skybox will seem to be 16 units high to player
<boolean> This will enable blending between two fog colors, based on the direction the player is looking. If the player's viewpoint is equal to the fogdir vector, the fog will be drawn with the secondary color; if facing in the complete opposite direction, the fog will be drawn with the primary color.
This can be used to approximate the aesthetic effect of diffuse light filtering through the fog, but since the fog effect color is changed for the entire rendered scene, it is best to keep the two colors relatively close to make the blending less obvious.
For example, sunlight with a yaw of 45 degrees and a pitch of -45 degrees could be enhanced using a fogdir of '-1 -1 1', a fogcolor of '120 110 100' and a fogcolor2 of '80 70 60'.
<vector> A vector (given by three space-separated numbers X Y Z) which points from the secondary fog color fogcolor2 towards the primary fog color fogcolor.
<float> How far from the point-of-view the fog should start.
<float> How far from the point-of-view the view should be completely fogged.

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