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Entity Description

The info_overlay entity is automatically placed when you use the Hammer Overlay Tool. The sides keyvalue is automatically set when placed in this manner. If you need the overlay to span multiple faces, open the overlay's properties in SmartEdit mode, choose Brush Faces and then Ctrl-Click in the camera window to add more faces.

The overlay is a more powerful version of a standard decal: it can be resized, rotated, scaled, and distorted. Overlays can also be placed on displacements, where decals can't.

 Note: This type of entity is only handled during vbsp compiling, and cannot be created or modified during runtime


This point-based entity is available in: all Source games

Distorting overlays

If the overlay is not yet placed, select the overlay tool and your material, and click where you wish the center of the overlay to be. You should now see 4 white boxes at the edges of the overlay, and you may drag them about to distort it.

If you wish to distort an existing overlay, first select the overlay you wish to edit, and then select the overlay tool. Then you should be able to distort the overlay as described above. If the overlay does not respond, try deleting it and then following the above procedure.


The material to overlay.
(sidelist) Faces on which the overlay will be applied.
(integer) Higher values render after lower values. This value can be 0-3.
(float) Texture coordinates
(Vector) Overlay Basis Origin (Read-Only)
(Vector) Overlay Basis U (Read-Only)
(Vector) Overlay Basis V (Read-Only)
(Vector) Overlay Basis Normal (Read-Only)
(vector) Overlay Points (Read-Only)

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