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1 Entity Description
2 Keyvalues

Entity Description

A prop that doesn't move and doesn't animate. This entity is built into its designated lump in the map and is not networked.

 Note: This type of entity is only handled during vbsp compiling, and cannot be created or modified during runtime
 Note: Not all models can be used by prop_static. You can check from the model browser's "Info" tab what prop types each model supports.


<studio> World Model (Maximum string length: 128)
<integer> Some models have multiple versions of their textures called skins. Set this to a number other than 0 to use that skin instead of the default.
<boolean> Used to disable shadows on this entity.
<angle> This entity's angular orientation in the world (also used for angular effect entities).
<choices> Minimum DX Level
Literal Value Description
0 default (lowest)
70 dx7
<choices> Maximum DX Level
Literal Value Description
0 default (lowest)
60 dx6
<choices> Collisions - using other values may give undesired results
Literal Value Description
0 Not Solid
2 Use Bounding Box
6 Use VPhysics
<boolean> The method by which the fading distance should be determined. If off, the fade distances is the distance from the player's view to the object, in inches. If on, the fade distance is the size of the object onscreen, in pixels. The fademindist value will represent the number of pixels wide covered by the prop when it starts to fade, and the fademaxdist value will represent the *minimum* number of pixels wide covered by the prop when it fades.
<float> Start Fade Dist/Pixels - Distance at which the prop starts to fade. (-1 = Use fademaxdist.)
<float> End Fade Dist/Pixels - Max fade distance at which the prop is visible. (0 = Don't fade out.)
<float> Fade Scale - If you specify a fade in the worldspawn, or if the engine is running under dx7, the engine will forcibly fade out props even if fademindist/fademaxdist isn't specified. This scale factor gives you some control over the fade. Using 0 here turns off the forcible fades. Numbers smaller than 1 cause the prop to fade out at further distances, and greater than 1 cause it to fade out at closer distances.
<target_destination> Select an info_lighting to specify a location to sample lighting from, instead of using this entity's origin.
<boolean> Disable Vertex lighting
<boolean> Disable Self-Shadowing with vertex lighting

The Ship

<target_source> The name that ship_base_interaction entities refer to this entity by.

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