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Entity Description

Это брашевая ентитя, котора только условно названа ентитей, т.к. она не разбивает листья, но освещение просчитывается как для обычного браша

A brush entity that does not retain any actual entity data after a compile, making it similar to a world brush. It is solid (unless materials specify otherwise) and blocks light just like a normal world brush.

Unlike a world brush, a func_detail does not block visibility. Therefore it does not contribute to visibility calculations (reducing compile time) and does not divide the BSP tree. Thus, they are ideal for optimizing "visual detail" brushes that do not significantly block the player's line-of-sight (like debris, fences, or even small buildings) and complicated brushwork (like stairs, columns and angled brushes), since func_detail brushes will not cause other brushes to be divided into additional faces on contact. It does generate new vertices where it intersects world brushes and is the only entity to do so. The new vertecies are only generated for lighting reasons and do not create any registerable slow down.

For an example of how func_detail geometry can be used to reduce face splits, see the example file sourcesdk_content\hl2\mapsrc\sdk_func_detail.vmf.

 Note: In some cases, surfaces on very thin (about 2 units thick) func_details has been known to disappear at certain distances. A workaround for this is to make the entity a func_brush instead. It is advice to instead use a larger brush or world brush rather than a func_brush, which is networked
 Note: This type of entity is only handled during vbsp compiling, and cannot be created or modified during runtime


Minimum DX Level
Literal Value Description
0 default (lowest)
70 dx7
Maximum DX Level
Literal Value Description
0 default (lowest)
60 dx6

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